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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
For those on insanejournal and using Semagic...

Anyone else having problems with linespacing?

I'm having to insert <p> between lines to make it work.

I'm also getting an error message when I sign on.


The error message is related to having a free account (I don't think they've figured out exactly why, but possibly there's some sort of ad transmission that makes Semagic go "huh?"), and theoretically should be fixed in the next code release thingum.

re line spacing -- if you edit them using the web interface, is the Text Formatting option set to None? (...I haven't had problems with linespacing, but then again, it could be another free account problem.)

I use Semagic to post, since I'm just mirroring on IJ.

I'll see about getting a paid account...

One permanent account later...

Problem solved.


(re the editing question -- I was just curious whether something was setting the don't-autoformat option, which would explain the lack of linespacing, or if it was something else. though since you have a permanent account now, it's kind of moot. *grin* also, that might be something fixed in the next code push too.)