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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
The Greatest Hero Never Known

No spoilers (maybe spoilers in comments):

I read Booster Gold #1. I think the tears started around the second or third page, and were rolling down my face by the last one.

Oh, Michael....

Yeah, this is a good one.



And yet, it was also funny. Johns poking fun at his own work in Infinite Crisis, Skeets being Skeets...I am a big Johns fan, but his work is so rarely humorous. He and Katz maange to find teh funny.

This book might be a keeper.

And who ever thought that would happen to Booster Gold???

I loved the humor - especially Rip Hunter's remarks about Superboy Prime.

I'm not surprised - Booster redeemed himself bigtime at the end of 52, and no one doubts that his best friend was a real hero - of course it rubbed off.

Nothing against the new Beetle, but he's not Ted.