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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Bad Phone Calls II

I've been giving my mother-in-law daily phone calls. She seems to like getting them and I can find out how their doing and what they're doing, and encourage her to get out, and reassure her about her choice and whatever.

But, you know. I can't call my mother-in-law without calling my own mother, right?

So I call my mother at home, but they're out. They're out a lot. So I call her cellphone.

And my stepfather answers. And he says, "I'm fine and your mother's fine. We're still in the ER..."

Yeah, just like that. Apparently, they thought my brother had told us. Nope - *pure* chance. My heart stopped for a second.

Turns out my mother had bad, bad chest pains. They've ruled out a heart attack, thank God, but they don't know what it is. Her blood pressure went up and it might be her esophagus. They don't know. They're thinking about keeping her overnight.

This hospital is where she volunteers (and where she met my stepfather), so everyone knows her and treats her like a princess. She's getting excellent care. She even called me back. And the first thing she asks about are Jonathan's parents. Who are NOT going to know about this just yet. Yes, I know, they should know what's doing with their machetenisteh, but they're not healthy at the moment.


Oh no! How horrific, but how fortunate that you called them, and that your stepfather didn't have his cellphone turned off!

I truly hope for your mother's sake and for the rest of you that this is something relatively benign, like costochondritis or a muscle pull.

I'm very glad of that.

And amen to your hopes.

Best wishes to your mother for a refu'ah shleima.

Thank you.

Basya Rochel bat Chana, btw.

Oy! I hope everyone has a refuah shlaimah.

Thank you!

Good thoughts for recovery!

Ah, yes -- "I thought you knew."

Thank you!

Yeah. I spoke to my brother. He was going to call me later, not bother me at work.

For this, he could bother me.

"For this, he could bother me."

Apart from sending best wishes and good vibes your families' ways still, I just have to nod. My sister does that, and my mother used to do that.

Thank you!

Oh, there are times it's appropriate - when I was undergoing infertility treatments in San Antonio a number of years ago, my mother was hospitalized in Pennsylvania, and they didn't tell me until after *my* procedure was over, and I do believe they did the right thing.

But because I was at work?


I know parent-induced panic.



That is exactly what I'm feeling.

And she just got married!


I hope your mom will feel better soon!!!


Thank you!

Refu'ah shlema for all your parents.

And *hugs* for you.

Thank you. For both.

Sorry you had to find out that way... and refuah sheleimah. Glad to hear it's not a heart attack.

The new word they're batting around is "pleurisy".

thank you!

Eeep! I hope it's nothing serious.

Please God you're right.

Good grief! Hope it isn't anything too serious.

Please God that you're right.

I'll be thinking of them! I only spoke to your mother the once but she was very sweet.

Thank you.

She is. And kind and thoughtful and...she's been so happy lately.


I'm glad it seems she's doing all right. But wow, surprises you don't need, eh?

Oh dear word! I'm glad the news is good so far (ie not heart) and that it keeps being good.

Yeah, calls that start like that do give you heart attacks. Might put you in the ER.

And smack your brother. "Not bother you at work". snort. Yes, that is an important call, and yes, that is one you "bother" for.

Boy, what a way to find out! I hope your mother gets well quickly and it turns out not to be anything serious.

I've been out and about, but I do hope things are looking up!