Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

last Night's Top Chef

I love Tre. He's a professional, talented chef who was a pleasure to watch, especially when he worked with others. He was very much in the running to win this season.

I'm not as fond of Sara M, who can be whiny and judgemental and who doesn't necessarily play well with others, although she, also can cook.

With that said - I think the judges made the only decision possible last night. Both were the executive chefs of their restaurants, and Sara absolutely deserved the win - she ran her kitchen strongly, making sure no table was slighted (All tables are Judge's Tables! All tables are VIPs!) and not allowing either of her assistants to get away with substandard food. And they both listened - not always happily, but they both listened. She was being the chef. Also, they corrected their mistakes of the night before, ridding themselves of any dish that didn't work. This is what is supposed to happen in the real world.

Tre didn't have quality control over his food, and his own dishes were among the worst sent out. He was laid back about his crew, and this showed up in the food. Plus they didn't change out dishes that had failed the night before - they just added new ones. Not a wise idea. He was the executive chef - just as Sara had credit for all that went right with Quatre, Tre had responsibility for all that had gone wrong with Restaurant April. Only if one of the others had done something egregious in a way that was out of Tre's control could Tre have escaped.

And Tre knew it. In fact, I suspect that this deeply competitve man would have knife'd himself if anyone else had been chosen, because it wouldn't have made sense.

According to the Top Chef blogs, the decision was unanimous and unanimously painful. And that's exactly right.
Tags: reality shows, top chef

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