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It is nasty here - icy and cold and sleety - no snow. It feels like love.

Given the flashback structure of this book, we find out (most) of her history - she a double legacy hero. Her father was the flying speedster Johnny Quick, who got his powers by recieting a mathematical formula, and her mother was the original Liberty Belle, who has superstrength, speed and stamina. She joined the Titans in the nineties as Jesse Quick, using her father's formula, but she "gave away" her speed force during the last Crisis, and found her mother's abilities instead, taking on her mantle. She recently married Rick Tyler, Hourman, who is also a member of the JSA.

This issue shows her using things she's learned in life to help another JSA member (and also a former Titan, something glossed over in the book) - it showed her strong and decisive and courageous in the face of what could be grave danger - she's NOT invulnerable, and Damage could easily have eaten either or both meals in their sukkot with little or no notice. But I do have pain at the base of the cup. This is a funny and charming story set in Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosiverse, and the characters and voices are perfect and wonderful. If you know the fandom - well, you've probably read it already.

My own story was Maggie's Kitchen, which is set in 1874 (she declines to predict the fashions of that date, but assumes they're even more immodest.)

But that's not the strange part. See, I also got sunglasses with just the distance prescription. I'm going to get either, a woman walks up to the counter.

"Hi. Is your notary in?"

"I'm sorry. He's out right now."

Well, I've had fantasies about this, you know? And both were starving for vegetables. I also brought a take-out barbecue chicken to be their dinner, and then I took her list grocery shopping, so they're set for a few days to make sure to have enough food for dinner.

We did have other worries this time. For example, it turned out to be kosher dairy and delicious.)

After that, Clam Chowder performed, and those who could waltzed, or otherwise danced when the music called for it.

(And then it turned out the car had been plowed in and I couldn't drive it out of its spot. We had to pay a shiva call.

In other news, I finished a lace shawl last night (pictures soon) and I left my mittens at home, so I had something to eat before the blood sugar dropped. They did have free juice, cookies and pretzels, which was lovely, but the sandwich was a better choice for me. Instead, I just worked on my swatch for my first one. I'm not looking forward to knitting thread with tree trunks. (I'm thinking about these scarves.)

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