Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
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Bandwagons, jumping on

Yes, recommending this story highly. Spoilers under the cut.

I spent last night reading cesperanza's latest, Written by the Victors (Stargate:Atlantis, Sheppard/McKay, slash, ADULT) - stayed up to 2AM reading and past that *thinking*. And, okay, I'm on vacation, but I needed to be up before 8 this morning.

Totally worth it.

I don't agree with everything - I see Elizabeth siding more with John than with Earth in this case. Her actions in The Return speak to that very strongly - and my heart hurt when John married Teyla, although it was the right thing to do. But John breaking ties? He did that, eyes wide open, that same episode. That Jack managed things so it didn't hurt him - he didn't expect that at all. He probably believed he was going to be court-martialed in absentia and that would be that.

So this? Is believable.

As for Rodney? If Atlantis is John's city and John's home, it's Rodney's baby. And he's not leaving John for anything.

But the best part - the very best part - were not the wonderful scenes between Rodney and John, or just seeing Sheppard where he belonged, or Ronon as "Minister of Culture" - perfect, perfect, perfect - but the last part. The epilogue. The Lantean historians arguing with each other as the language slowly changes because of isolation. I assume Cesperanza picked Latin because it's a good foreign to write in, although Ancient does have some similarities, and the languages could easily merge that way.

And I have a final image of the Team and their children and grandchildren crowded around a happy and still somewhat bemused John, Rodney by his side, and I love it so very much.
Tags: fic review, sga

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