Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Holiday prep

The holidays totally snuck up on me - they're very early this year plus this was a fairly eventful summer.

So. Rosh HaShanah (as well as Sukkot and Shemini Atzert/Simchat Torah) all abut Shabbat this year, making them three-day holidays. That means planning for six meals.

Wednesday Night:
Mom, her husband, my brother, my new stepbrother and his wife.

Gefilte fish
Chicken noodle soup
Baked carrots
Honey cake/raspberries
Challah, wine, soda, coffee

Thursday lunch:
With friends

Thursday dinner:
Just us.
Dairy: omelette, fruit salad, french fries.

Friday lunch:
Us. Family of four (including teen-age son.)
Tuna fish
Possibly soup.
Beef stew
Honey cake/pareve ice cream
New fruit

Friday dinner:
Out with friends.

Saturday lunch:
Us plus two guests.
Tuna and salad
Leftover turkey/stuffing/broccoli kugel
Honey cake

Right now - I bought everything pretty much everything but the fresh fruit, the kugels and the desserts. I have the soup and the fish cooking. The turkey is defrosting. I'm doing pretty much all the real cooking on Wednesday - the stuffing, the beef stew, the turkey, the noodles for the soup and the carrots.
Tags: cooking, holidays

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