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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
The Wheel of Time Turns and...keeps turning

RIP Robert Jordan.

I guess we'll never know how it all ends.

Correction: He left notes, so maybe we will find out.


Once the dust settles, yes, I think we will find out.

The problem is, I think the squabbling over who gets to write the final book may take awhile.

He left at least notes, and may have left a partially finished manuscript. I understand that his wife was his editor (she was at one time an editor at Tor), and is the most likely candidate to complete, or supervide completion of, the final book.

(I haven't actually read any of the Wheel of Time books, though may well, now; they're being spoken well of by many people whose opinions I respect.)

The first few are amazing - tremendous world building, for example. Imagine a fantasy world that is NOT a monoculture, complete with accents. And there's a complex history behind it all that makes sense. It's very, very neat.

On the other hand...the last few books...oy. The next to last one is an example of pure talent - 600 pages in which NOTHING happens. It actually begins before the previous book ends. I own the last one, but haven't brought myself to read it yet. Well, except for the 100 page prologue.