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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
New Story - "Angels" (Grey's Anatomy, Gen)

This is for the daysofawesome community.

Summary: "It was Friday night? Damn, she'd lost track of the days again."



Just checked out the community. That really is a totally awesome idea!

It is. At first I was bothered - who has time now? And were they encouraging writing on Shabbat/Yom Tov?

And - they only wanted what we had time to write, and while they didn't exactly *discourage* violations, they made a point about posting *after* nightfall on this past Saturday, and they're ending it *before* Yom Kippur, so they're clearly *thinking* about such things.

My own story is about a character who was converted as a child, who still regards herself as Jewish but is clearly completely not religious. One day she hears "Shalom aleichim..."

(This is from a real life event. When my in-laws had their accident (they're doing just fine now, b"h), they were in the hospital over Shabbat. They were unable to reach the local Conservative rabbi, and were reluctant to contact Chabad. However, because meals were served early in that hospital, the Conservative rabbi happened to hear them singing kiddush together, as is their custom. It was too late for him to actually help them, but he did make them feel better.)