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Comics: thoughts on crossover series plus a cover art, um, thing

DC has had two very different "events" running pretty much concurrently (not counting the whole Countdown, which is one giant crossover event - although perhaps I should.)

Yeah, wow. They managed to have these two at about the same time - a big event done correctly vs. a bigger event done so very badly that I stopped reading it - and I'm both a compulsive completist and an Amazon fan.

"Amazons Attack" has a stupid premise - seemingly out of nowhere, but in "reality" Granny Goodness posing as Athena, the Amazons attack Washington, DC. *Both* groups of Amazons attack even though the Themyscira Amazons and the Bana Mighdall Amazons had, at best, an uneasy truce - and do so under a clearly insane Hippolyta who was revived from the dead. And why would the Bana Amazons follow her at all? And when they do, these women destroy major DC landmarks and kill many people - men, women and CHILDREN. And other stupid, out of character things happen along the way, plus we have Batman saving the day over magic, and no sign that Black Canary is actually running the JLA.

In fact, the female characters are even more egregiously treated and out of character than the male ons, and the male ones are bad. And it ends with a weird reveal and all the surviving Amazons being mindwiped (I thought that had been decided as a bad idea) and spread out among the rest of the US population. Except, you know, for Hippolyta, alone on Themyscira, Wonder Woman, Grace from the Outsiders and Wonder Girl.

Oh, I expect this to be revealed as another plot so that Granny Goodness can raise up an army of Amazons again, or something, but it's not just very stupid - it's very damaging. "Women can't be trusted." "Those evil women - they shouldn't be heroes at all. They're all Amazons at heart." In fact, that led to the instant building of concentration camps during the event, which...ack. Concentration camps for WOMEN.

And people thought it strange that Cassie Sandsmark, whose mother had been incarcerated, acted as she did? REALLY, DC?

But Diana acted out of character,too - as did Artemis and Phillipus and...well. We had a heavily publicized series that touched a bunch of other books besides WW and the dedicated miniseries, and it did nothing but hurt things. And I couldn't finish it.

On the other hand - there's another crossover happening in two books (no dedicated miniseries, note.) It was foreshadowed nicely, with yellow rings testing various characters and finding them either wanting or deserving (Batman "failed".) And then we got more history and more character studies, and learned about the main members of the Sinestro Corp. There were surprises, yes, but none of them were *stupid*. It made sense to use the Cyborg Superman and Superboy-Prime (hey, we knew he'd pop up again), and then to make poor Kyle Parallax - doesn't make me *happy*, but only because I love Kyle, so having him be Parallax shouldn't make me happy.

And we have two groups, and the motivations of the groups make sense, and the Green Lanterns aren't all *nice* and *cuddly* and sometimes you just want to *shake* the Guardians, and there are divisions in the Lanterns and all, *but* everyone was in character. And none of the female characters are weak or stupid or incompetent or insane (well, the Sinestro Corp ones aren't quite sane, but no more than the males.) I'm, of course, invested in the Green Lanterns, but I'm also worried about Kyle and Earth and the universe in general, and the whole thing makes *sense*. It's a fun read because of this (and the art is pretty, too.)

Maybe because it's limited to the two books, or maybe Geoff Johns is just a better writer (which, yeah, doesn't hurt), or maybe because it's not really serving a greater purpose, but this is so very good all by itself, but even better compared to the Amazons Attack atrocity.

Cover for "The Search for Ray Palmer #1: Wildstorm

My comic book store pointed this out to me - the cover depicts the "Challengers of the Unexpected" (Donna Troy, Jason Todd, Kyle Rayner (back in a GL uniform with a truly ugly mask) and "Bob" the Monitor) standing on Earth-50, the Wildstorm universe. They're surrounded by reflections of Wildstorm characters under their feet (except "Bob".)

Donna is directly reflected by the Engineer. Jason is almost reflecting Midnighter. And Kyle? Is directly reflecting Apollo. Now, on the one hand, this does make sense. The Engineer is probably the #2 woman in the Wildstorm universe. Jason is a Bat, which means Midnighter is the closest analog. And Kyle is pretty darn powerful and does need to recharge - just like Apollo.

But - while it's pretty clear they mean for Jason and Kyle to fight over Donna (a fight either Kyle, as her ex, has already won *or* they've both lost. I'm hoping for the latter, of course), these reflections create an entire *other* subtext, given that Apollo and Midnighter are *married.* And the two boys have been bickering non-stop since they met up in last Atom comic. It has to be deliberate. (And what a pretty picture, at least to some of us.)

(Oh, and a side comment about "Stormwatch: Post Human Division" - anyone else bothered that the only people hurt at the beginning of this comic were the women? Okay, "Gorgeous" has no battlefield talents, but the other two? And none of the men, even though two are unmodified human? And one of *them* takes takes charge, too? (For that matter, a couple issues back, that Christine Trelane was so depressed after her miscarriage that she became delusional and tried to kill her husband. Possible, sure, but...ack.) This is very bothersome.)
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