Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Help wanted : Menu suggestions

My brother-in-law and family are coming for dinner this coming Sunday. I need something to serve.

I'm looking for something dairy in nature - preferably a casserole for ease of transport downstairs to the sukkah, but I can adapt. The five-year-old is moderately fussy and my sister-in-law doesn't eat. Fish isn't really an option because it's a Sunday and fresh fish (the kind I prefer to serve) is not available. Otherwise, I'd be set with tilapia packages.

I've done lasagna in the past, and they like it, but I don't want to do it again, or something similar. I don't want them thinking I only cook one thing.

I could also do something with meat but only if I have a meat free option as well, as my brother-in-law does not eat meat (neither beef nor chicken.) His family does - the five year old loves turkey. I have turkey in my freezer. If Mtich ate meat, I'd just serve a turkey/bean/sweet potato casserole.
I suppose I could just leave off the turkey and add rice or barley instead.

If I leave off the turkey, I could also leave off the sweet potato and use cheese as well, but I don't know. That somehow seems heavy.

I'd serve a salad and a dessert of some kind, and Mitch is bringing wine.

*ETA: Quiche is out. I'm serving it for lunch on Thursday.*
Tags: vegetarian
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