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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Apology and Yom Tov menus

I'm so sorry about my attitude for your helpful comments on the last post. I'm just so, so *tired*. I haven't done anything for yom tov in terms of cooking - not even shopping, and I woke up tired this morning.

Let's see.

Wednesday night
Roast Chicken.
Roasted potatoes.
Green beans.

Thursday lunch

Thursday Dinner
Lamb stew

Friday Lunch
Turkey picatta

Shabbos Dinner
Leftover lamb stew/couscous

Shabbos Lunch
At friend's.

Plus wine/challos/honey


For the problematic veggie meal, I'd suggest going with a casserole that's insanely easy, takes little shopping or thought, and that I like a lot.

Cooked rice or barley (I like rice, personally, or a combo.)
Beans, about 2 cups, maybe a bit more.
Salsa, or chopped tomatoes with some onions and spicy peppers. I use lots, as it's the main flavor, and keeps things moist.

Mix above, top with shreddeed cheddar cheese and bake till it's hot.

Good served with salad.

We make this recipe using black beans and adding corn kernels instead of grain. It's beyond simple and delicious. Use an avocado in the salad for that south-of-the-border theme. ;)

Oh no, more wine & challah. I love Sukkot, but I will be very glad when the holidays are over.

Holidays can be wonderful things, but this month with its seemingly neverending parade of meals can be beyond exhausting.

IOW, no worries if you're a bit snarky. I don't know if I'd be able to put together the number of menus that you're planning without collapsing into a boggy heap.