Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

So. How has my day been?

I was late to work. The bus I took was an older one, with the handicapped lift in the back. Those have a tendency to have problems, both for the complicated mechanism and the age of the bus. Newer buses have a ramp in the front that unfolds so that a person in a wheelchair can wheel him/herself into the bus to settle into the space opened by lifting one of the front benches (which are parallel to the sides of the bus instead of facing front.) It takes far less time, uses a simpler mechanism and gives far greater independence to the passenger in the chair. Sometimes, the bus driver has to help beyond picking up the seat, sometimes the passenger can pick the seat up alone. It means those sitting on the bench have to move, but it's altogether a better system. Although I've been in buses where the ramp has broken, too. Nothing is perfect.

Anyway, the lift worked fine when the passenger came on the bus, but didn't work when he wanted to leave. This particular stop is where drivers change shifts, so there is always a few hanging around. They had three off-duty drivers working on this, and nothing they did worked. I was finishing a sock right next to the lift, so I heard all of it. And I was getting later and later. That is, if all went well, I still would have been five minutes late, but that would have been my fault for when I left the house.

Finally, I asked when the next bus was coming, and one of the drivers said in about a minute, and that I should leave by the front door. So the other ambulatory passenger and I left, and got on the next bus (the driver making sure we wouldn't have to pay.) I feel very sorry for the man in the scooter, who was trapped - possibly more than if he were in an old-fashioned wheelchair, since that they might have been able to carry. Scooters are heavy.

To make matters worse, I *just* missed my train, so I ended up 20 minutes late. Thank goodness, my bosses weren't there and the one agent didn't actually care I was late. I hope the others were as fortunate.

But. I finished a pair of socks and I think I've mastered grafting, which is way, way cool. Also, my boss's wife who was hurt? Is doing just fine, thank goodness.

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