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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Changes in comment settings

Because of recent events, I am now screeening all anonymous comments, and logging their AP addesses. I'm very sorry to have to do this, and I hope I can change back soon.

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i have no idea what that means, but hsi gives me a chance to ask a favor; would you allow me to use your new york library id to access the online library? soi ris can use it for school, with my supervision. i promise to not check anything out and forget to return it the library link is:
http://newyorkonlinevirtualelectroniclibrary.org/index.php if you want to look t it.

or course, i'm assuming you have a library card and you might not. in which case, whoops! and i'm sorry to bother you :)

Be glad you don't know what's going on.

I'm sorry. I don't have a library card. I should.

This whole thing is such a bummer - people don't have anything better to do?

You know. It's gotten me ready to give up and never give complain or say anything even vaguely (even more vague than this) controversial again, especially about Judaism.

Except then I realize that then they'll win.

I will, however, think very carefully about what I say from now on, so I'm not misinterpreted.

*hugs* I don't blame you a bit. I would too under the circumstances.

I just hate it. I liked having an open LJ, where people could say anything, even if they disagreed with me.

*HUGS* back.

I'm sorry this happened. I found the level of vitriol in the commenters' posts rather dismaying (and of course inappropriate) but perhaps not terribly surprising.

I was surprised. I'm surprised at all of this.

Sorry you're having to deal with idiots. Feel free to steal this avatar.


Thank you.

wow. I wandered back and read and now there are a few people in the world I won't be interacting with ever again. I'm so sorry they showed up in your lj and in your inbox.

Right now, I'm torn between regret and anger and hysteria and I want to say so many hurtful things. I hate feeling that way.


Wow! I read your original post and just took it as an expression of your frustration. I had no idea you were putting up with all this.

The last day or so has been really bad. I'm not dealing well, but I'm trying.

So sorry. You don't deserve all this PITA, and it's not your fault.

Wow. Sorry that got so out of control. Yikes.

Yeah. It did.

Sorry that your innocent expression of frustration turned into such a PIA.

Oh, what an asshat! Sorry about what happened, Mamadeb. {{{{Mamadeb}}}}

hey, I'm a poor goy and I know somethings. Not a lot, but a little. That one, let's just say if she had been a friend of mine, would not longer be on that list.

She already defriended me. I'm not going to be that petty.

But I can hope that she gets back even a small percentage of what her comment gave me. Because if she hadn't said what she did, my post would have been forgotten by now.

Good grief. Not knowing what this was about, I just scrolled back and found the post and all the nastiness. I am so sorry to see you being hurt by this sort of ugliness. I hope things improve soon.

Much love


Thank you.


I'm sorry people are being idiots.

Thank you. *HUGS*

Can't say as I blame you. I hope the idiots go away soon.

Yeah, so do I.

But it's all over the place now. And even the people on my side feel required to distance themselves from the original post. Which I understand intellectually, but it feels bad. (I wish I could change the original post, too, but I can't. And I've said that.)

I feel like I'm being punished not just for airing my views, but for being cranky and tired when I did so.

people suck. you can get past this and maybe realize that the people who were harsh aren't important to you. if this is the way they spend their time, they deserve pity, because obviously they don't have lives. *hugs*

Thank you! *hugs*

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