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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Different track.

Tell me something positive going on in your lives.

Me - Friday was jonbaker's birthday, so we're going to have lambchops, noodles and green beans (his favorite) for dinner tonight, after spending an afternoon exchanging his birthday presents and seeing his brother (okay, his niece.)


My cat Spook, who used to run away if I so much as looked at him, now rubs up against my leg (when I'm sitting down) so I'll pet him! :)

Yay! for cuddly kitties.

I have been invited to contribute to an anthology of essays on judaism and sexuality. very cool to be doing some writing in my field again, you know?

Happy Birthday to Jon.

Congratulations! That is absolutely marvelous.

Thank you.

My sister is home for the weekend and my whole family is having dinner together. My father made meat loaf and I brought fresh apple cider from the local cider press. Also, I don't have to go to work until Tuesday.

Not having to go into work is always good, and that dinner just sounds so nice!

I seem to have made a really good impression on some folks in the morning minyan by not knowing that "everyone" considers another member hopeless and helping him with something.

My role at work has changed a lot in the last year; I wasn't unhappy before, but this is better.

The hyperthyroid cat who had the radiation treatment last month seems to be behaving normally without any drugs. Yay!

:) Yes. All very good things.

I just made a breakthrough with my therapist on something new that I think will have a hugely positive effect on my life and relationships in the future. :)

That is wonderful! May it be exactly as you hope.

I am having cataract surgery on 10/23. It could have been glaucoma instead of a cataract due to the meds I've been using.

Yes - that is good news. You'll be seeing normally very soon, and cataracts are that much less scary than glaucoma.

I think I may be finally sorting out and owning various issues that have affected my spirituality for the worse over the last few years - one of these days that area of my life might actually be settled.

I've seen some of what you're describing in your lj, and I know how far you've come in that journey (and what courage each step took.) I'm glad you're finding the place you belong.

I was one of the top 25 agents in my call center in the past 6 months. What does that mean? I got my first choice pick in the shift bid we did. So I got to stay on my current shift with my current supervisor and team coach.

This is a big deal for me, as there's been a lot of shit going down at work, so knowing that I got my top choice, despite my relative lack of seniority, is a huge deal...

I put up 228 quarts of homemade applesauce and apple butter this year. My tree produced over 60 quarts of whole apples (five 12-quart stockpots full). There would have been more, but I ran out of time - the other morning I looked out the window and there were about 500 little black birds (of a breed I've never seen before) sitting in the tree eating merrily.

I'm actually happy the birds got something to eat, since I have enough applesauce and butter for the next few years plus gifts. Let's hope it keeps them strong for the flight south.

I think that should be 28, if my calculator is right.

blinks and looks at comment below. Yeah, that makes more sense.

I love homemade applesauce. I was watching my sister-in-law make some yesterday.

I think you're right. Take what you need but leave the rest to nature. It's a lovely image.

I went to a reunion of a group I was part of in college this weekend and had a fabulous time (much better than expected).

Happy Birthday, jonbaker!

:) It's always a nice surprise to me that social occasions turn out to be good - I'm so glad it happened for you.

Thank you.

I am home and I got to hug my family.

That is the best of all, isn't it?

I'm actually getting some fiction writing going, which is making me happy, and we're off to a wedding next weekend.

I remember writing - I'll get back to it soon. It feels good when it works.

And mazel tov at the wedding.

I attended the wedding yesterday of one of my conversion students and had a good talk with her rabbi.