Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
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Monday Night Television

I've been watching it. Three full hours on NBC, and I'm watching as it's broadcast.

I'm amazed that NBC has committed to a full night of sf tv, and rather happy about it. No thoughts about specific episodes here, but about the series in general.


Chuck (the character) is adorable. Okay, Chuck the series is also adorable. It's insane, with overthetop characters and a completely unbelievable main gimmick, but who cares? It's meant to be that way, so it's succeeding, and it's fun to watch.

My only quibble is that if I were writing this, I'd make the unlikley romance between Sarah and Casey (Adam Baldwin - yum) instead of Sarah and Chuck. And, no, I don't think Chuck should settle down to happily ever after with either BFF Morgan or with Captain Awesome. He needs a sweet, adorable dork girl he can talk to. I just think that the Sarah/Casey sparks are there, and the Sarah/Chuck sparks are NOT.


I'm watching and enjoying this season. I'm feeling a lot of deep emotions running through it - the episodes are intense and fascinating - except maybe those twins, but that's changed, too. Yay, Sylar!

My only real quibble - how can a man who expels a bullet get tattooed? Wouldn't his body reject the ink as well? He's clearly not doing it consciously, so I don't know if intent could make a difference. Of course, he does want the ink, and no one would want a bullet. I'm just confused.


Still not sure, but I'm getting drawn into it because of the way they've chosen to present it. I love that we're figuring out Dan's time traveling at the same time he is - even the old fianc&eacut;e isn't much help. Even more, I love how we're getting information about Dan's current past in bits and pieces as it comes up in the plot, not as lumps of exposition, and as the situation he's in changes his real life and relationships, as it should.

And as he deals with being unstuck in time while trying to maintain a marriage and take care of his son, and connect with his brother (I can't say how much I love that they cast Reed Diamond as his brother - both because hey, *cop* and because the actors look like brothers.) - it's more engrossing, I have to say than the weekly plots, which I see as things to get through. Which is a problem.
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