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Any one else burst into inappropriate laughter when they turned to the two page splash a few pages in (after Supes and Lex flirt for a bit?)

You'd think DC would have learned something from Marvel's Heroes for Hentai cover - okay, they did. It's not a cover pic, and there are no tentacles. Instead, you have, front and center, Wonder Woman (and I do mean front and center for WW), Black Canary and Vixen bound to a column and seemingly unconscious. We get a very good view of Wonder Woman's breasts and Dinah's rear end, and Vixen's profile.

(Also, and this is just as hilarious, while Red Tornado has been dismembered, and Roy, Green Lantern and Hawkgirl are just tied up with probes keeping heir eyes open (which means they removed HG's mask, inserted the wires and put the mask *back*), Batman is wrapped in bandages and chains and hung *upside down*. Which makes sense given that the Joker is part of the group - he's a BAT - but also shows them more afraid of him than GREEN LANTERN.)

And to drive home the real import of the scene - the next page has the image of Wonder Woman superimposed in the background.

And I have to say something about the coverpic (it's on this page -

Um - why would they insert probes to keep Batman's *lenses* open?

(The issue itself? Just another testament to Lex's continual denial of his true feelings. :))
Tags: comics, justice league of america

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