Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

To the Wonderful Person who is Writing a Yuletide for Me

I like character-driven plotty stories best, but I'm open to pretty much anything you'd care to write with these prompts. My preference is for m/m slash - and you can be as explicit as you wish for that - but I also like gen and non-explicit het and f/f slash.

My major squick is body modification - no tattoos, piercings, brandings or any thing else of that nature. Please. I'm not terribly fond of BDSM, but if the muse calls for that, go for it. Same goes for genderswitch and mpreg - not my favorites, but I can be made to believe. Genderbending, on the other hand, is fine. Everything *must* be consensual.

All of the other major genres - romance, mystery, hurt/comfort, humor, drama, angst - I love them all. I don't have problems with death fic, either.

More specifically:

Zenna Henderson's The People. Anything you write about this very gentle and sweet universe would be fine. I'd requested "any character" for a reason,after all. In fact, you can even choose to use origional characters so long as they fit the universe itself. My suggestion - a small, intimate story set as the people of Earth discover the People among them - is only a suggestion. If there's another theme you'd like to explore here, please, do so. There's a lot of things we really don't know about them, after all.

Antique Bakery - I asked for Eiji/Tachibana. They already have a complex relationshp - what if it became true friendship, or even love? And how would that come about? I think this is something a fan of the series could play with in many directions.

Young Justice - I asked for Kon and Tim. This needs to be set at some point during Young Justice's run, when things were fun and written by Peter David, and everyone was alive. I'd like a romance, but a deep friendship would be fine. One suggestion might be to have the romance spring up during the Sins of Youth event, with the two of them as adults - and then what would happen when they were kids again?

Please take my suggestions only as suggestions - whatever the muse tells you is what you should write. Most importantly, have fun doing it.

Anonymous comments are screened right now, but I will read and answer them.

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