Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

And in non-news...

I was walking home after my Shabbos afternoon women's Torah discussion group, with one of the other ladies - a lovely woman about ten years my senior who was raised religious.

And what does she tell me? That "Dumbledorf (sic) was gay." (Chaya leaves a radio on during Shabbat, so I assume that's how she found out. We've done that ourselves.)

My reaction, "Yeah - Grindalwald was his boyfriend."

Turns out Rowling knows her fandom. :) (No, it doesn't bother me that we didn't know that in the book, because A. many of us *did* and B. Harry wouldn't see that. And it doesn't bother me that Dumbledore was old throughout much of the books because he was young when he was with Grindalwald.)

I'm amused all the way round.

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