Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
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A few months ago, a friend of mine dragooned me into going with her to an improvisation/cold-reading acting group. They meet once a month in a room in a local library. Yesterday was my fourth time.

I've done the cold reading - participants bring in original scripts and they and/or others in the group perform them on a little stage. I've even written a couple of sketches myself. The quality tends to Amateur. Awkward dialogue, somewhat hackneyed plots, and sometimes they go on. And on. The scripts all have a first and last line decided upon in the previous session. They also tend to the Jewish because, well, that's the neighborhood. Also, I'm among the youngest.

I have no idea if my writing is better or worse, but mine are at least short.

I didn't have a script yesterday, for various reasons, but I did act. The director (a playwright who works for the The Jewish Press) asked me to take part in an improv session - my first *EVER*. In fact, I haven't acted since junior high school. It was fun. I kept my eyes on the other player, and went with it. The real problem is that the group skews very heavily to the female, so the few males get called on all the time to act.

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