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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I just bought this coat in Dark Teal.

I've been needing a raincoat forever, and this is *perfect*.


That is SO pretty!

Wear it in good health.


I saw it on the back of the catalog and thought, "MINE!"

The downside is that once I get it, I will have no excuse to not go to shul on a rainy Shabbos.

omg you may have found the Future of Fandom's Chanukah present. *debates colors*

The FoF is about 5'3", size 14. Do you think she'd want a petite, or a women's?

I'm 5'2". I'm getting the Petite - those two inches (50" vs 48") make more of a difference than you'd think. This is especially true when climbing stairs with things in your hands.

Much debate among the family today. Distant FoF worries that it's too "girly" for FoF. When do you expect yours to arrive? Might we have you model it for J's cameraphone and upload it for our perusal?

Sure. Not a bad idea, all told.

It does say "feminine" to me - it's clearly not styled as a men's coat - but among the things that attracted me to it were the very clean lines. At least in my view, "girly" has fussy details and shaping.

On the other hand, a teenager might well have different definition.

Jessica London ships quickly. I expect it for next week.

ISTR that FoF is plump on a somewhat small frame? In which case, I'd go with the Petite at her height. I'm just shy of 5'3" and usually have to get regular lengths of things and have them hemmed (because I'm plump on a broad frame), but plump on a small frame usually works well in petite sizes.

What a great coat. May it keep you dry for a long time to come.

Thank you!

what a nice-looking jacket!

Thank you!

(Or are you talking about the single-breasted blazer on that same page? Because if you are - I bought that, too.)

I had not noticed that, but it is nice as well. :)

That's a lovely coat, and the detachable hoods are always a nice feature.

Thank you!

OOoh, I like that! The black would look nice and so's the scarlet.

Nice coat. Good price. I'm very tempted...

Oh, my, that's attractive!

Thank you! As I said, it spoke to right away.

Oooh it's very you. I want the red one. ^_^

That would look gorgeous with your coloring.

I already have a red winter coat (well, a raspberry one), so I figure the teal will make a gray day brighter.

Nice coat. Might even make me consider getting a raincoat. Wear it in good health!

I've needed one - my only other waterproof coat is for cold weather. And you know - I walk everywhere.

Thank you!