Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

I can has DVR?

After dealing with a wonky remote for a couple of months (did you know that remotes can wear out? Turns out, yes.), we decided to get it replaced.

And, after dealing with scheduling confilcts re: television and *dinner* (not to mention competing shows and social lives and Friday nights and so on), I decided it was also time to take advantage of another offer by our cable company.

We now have a DVR box. The price was Showtime - that is, the DVR box costs the same per month as Showtime. So, bye-bye Showtime. I've just seen my first episode ever of Dexter, but I'll happily live without that.

After all, I'd have to schlep over to the Optimum store to get the remote replaced, so I might as well replace the box as well. We did look at getting a real TiVo instead, but in our case and for our needs, the Optimum DVR seems to work better in terms of money. Also, it means only two extra boxes - DVR and DVD - instead of three, since we can take out the VCR. If we went with TiVo, we'd need a TiVo box, too.

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