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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
I can has DVR?

After dealing with a wonky remote for a couple of months (did you know that remotes can wear out? Turns out, yes.), we decided to get it replaced.

And, after dealing with scheduling confilcts re: television and *dinner* (not to mention competing shows and social lives and Friday nights and so on), I decided it was also time to take advantage of another offer by our cable company.

We now have a DVR box. The price was Showtime - that is, the DVR box costs the same per month as Showtime. So, bye-bye Showtime. I've just seen my first episode ever of Dexter, but I'll happily live without that.

After all, I'd have to schlep over to the Optimum store to get the remote replaced, so I might as well replace the box as well. We did look at getting a real TiVo instead, but in our case and for our needs, the Optimum DVR seems to work better in terms of money. Also, it means only two extra boxes - DVR and DVD - instead of three, since we can take out the VCR. If we went with TiVo, we'd need a TiVo box, too.


Your life is about to change forever. I love my DVR.

I hope so. Just waiting for jonbaker to come home so we can attach it.


My siblings and I gave my mother an Optimum DVR for the holidays last year. It was less expensive that getting her a TiVo. She's addicted to it now, and uses it constantly. I hope you enjoy yours.

So far, so good. It was easy to hook up, and I figured out most of it right away. Haven't watched anything recorded yet, though.

Two things: do you have Netflix? Because Dexter is now available on Netflix's Watch It Now feature.

Second, because you mention you have Optimum--do you have all three of their services? If so, did you get an Optimum Rewards card?

Right now, our phone and DSL are Verizon, so only for television.

Netflix has a watch it now? Huh. That I need to check out.

I haven't actually used the Watch It Now, but I know about it! :D

As for Optimum, I only ask because of their little-known Optimum Rewards card. If you get all three of their services, you can get the Optimum Rewards card, which gives you, among other things, $25 off your monthly bill, and half off at all Clearview Cinemas, and free movies on Tuesday.

Only, you have to specifically request the card, and they don't tell you very much about it. Sneaky, Optimum.

We just got the DVR box and it is pure technological joy.

I know that TiVo is supposed to be easier to use and has a few more bells and whistles, but since I haven't used one, this is wonderful. So far. (I mean, it was 10:30 before we hooked up, so who know?)