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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
New Toy Notes

Yeah, still excited about the DVR. We had a brief moment (about 2 minutes) of panic on Friday night when the box switched off after Friday Night Lights instead of staying on for SGA. We just sort of stared at it and were sad that the one show we tape on a regular basis was not going to be recorded and there was nothing we could do, it being Friday night and all.

And then, at 10:02, the box switched on and all was happy again.

It's...different. There's no rewinding and guessing when a show starts when we play it back. The picture quality is so much better (which we should have expected, given the change in medium, of course). Erasing is simple. Nothing is intuitive - Cablevision doesn't do intuitive - but nothing is hard to figure out, either.

But the biggest advantage is the live tv controls. Jonathan is watching Wargames, and there's a half hour left, but we want to eat lunch. Not a problem. PAUSE the program. Eat lunch. Watch the rest. Or there's the show in progress thing - show I want comes on, but I'm eating dinner. If I tape the show so I don't miss anything, I end up either waiting for it to end so I can watch from the beginning *or* watching the second half before the first. Both are annoying. I could just rewind to the beginning of the episode and watch, and fast forward over commercials, too, until I caught up. It's just so *cool*. Thursday, I'm going to try the taping two shows at once thing.


*hee* It is cool.

A few things to watch for:

1. How long will it live pause? I think I only get an hour or two, so in certain situations it's better to just hit record for the program, the fastest fast forward takes my Time Warner box 30 seconds to get through an hour.

2. Record two shows at once and see if you can PLAY a third, this took me months to figure out and it's actually a nice feature.

3. Just watch that recording space.

4. My version does this weird thing with ranking shows that I'm STILL figuring out, so if you end up with a complex evening, check how that works and double check it's recording your preferenced shows.

We just put a 200GB hard-drive in our Tivo - we now have something like 140 hours, up from the 35 it used to be (original issue DirecTivo). We're ... amazed!

*G* Sadly cable DVR is not as flexible as Tivo. But if I ever win the lotto-- I might switch services.

100 hours seems like a luxury to me - you know, after *six*. :)

Still playing with it - I was wondering about the pause function, so I did, in fact, record NIC. It just seemed very common sense. Also, Optimum makes it fairly easy to record the next show on the channel you're watching.

If I can tape two shows and watch a third, that will make my Thursday nights so, so, SO sweet.

Not watch, PLAY, as in previously recorded. Believe me, I feel your thursday night pain.

It's like all the networks got together and decided to put all their good series (CSI, The Office, Scrubs, Grey's Anatomy, Supernatural) on at the same time. I should be grateful Fox went with an idiotic game show instead, but I know it's just filler until Idol takes over.)

The live controls are the best thing ever, though I find I'm spoiled now, and am watching television in a hotel or something, realize I've missed something and try to rewind!

Yeah, I suspect that will happen.

Of course, our other set doesn't have the DVR, so we will see.

I get so confused when I visit friends and we watch tv. I'm like "pause for a sec" and they look at me like I have 2 heads. I'm like "what just hit the pause buttoon". It can make for entertaining visits and frustrates me to no end now that I've had a DVR/PVR for some 7 years now.

For what it's worth, once a week my Dish Network DVR reboots and runs a selftest (including checking the filesystem on the disk). Also, it does so when it's received a firmware update over the satellite link (very likely in your case given that it's new). 10pm seems a bit odd for that, but no odder than some of the times mine has picked.

I should probably clarify here: satellite DVRs get their updates in the metadata feed, cable-based ones usually make calls to an 800 number periodically to get the same metadata (schedules, firmware updates, and TiVo used to download the occasional promo when I had one).

I honestly don't know how I watched TV before I got my TiVo. There's just so many great features, like you mentioned (automatic record, ability to pause live shows, fast-forward through commercials, etc) The only drawback is when the shows change their times slightly and the TiVo doesn't realize it because it didn't get an update in time, but I always pad the shows that are apt to do that (like SGA) or make sure to record both airings so I don't miss anything.

fast forward through commercials

You can do better than that. TiVo has a 30-second skip button. Just click it 5 times when the pod begins - pods are rarely shorter than 2:30. Then skip 30 secs at a time until the show has begun, and then click the 8-seconds-back button until you're where you want to be.

Only catch: the 30-second-skip function has to be enabled. While you are playing a show, press the following six-button sequence: <select> <play> <select> 3 0 <select>. You will hear a ding-ding-ding response that means the function has been enabled. Every time the set reboots, you will have to re-enable it.

The only drawback is when the shows change their times slightly and the TiVo doesn't realize it because it didn't get an update in time,

It gets worse than that. A show can move completely and they don't bother telling whoever TiVo gets its information from. Last week Time Warner changed their entire channel lineup, and USA moved from channel 40 to 16. TiVo didn't find out about this until a day after the change had happened, so I missed House and Criminal Intent.