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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Trick or treater reports

Tiny boy came in, in purple and green longjohns, with a book enclosed in an atomic symbol. "Who are you?"



The little ones are fine, the tiny ones where we know most of the candy is going to mommy and daddy - fine.

But the teenagers who wear a mask pushed up onto their heads? *eye roll*.

Also, for all the talk of super-"sexy" costumes for little girls - well, not so much in evidence here.


I tend to figure that for kids old enough to be only dubious trick-or-treaters, they earn their candy by being seriously creative with their costumes. I'll give *something* to anyone who comes to the door, because I don't want complaints or arguments, but I'll shower extras on kids (even late-teens) who have done something worthwhile with their costuming. A 16-year-old with a mask pushed back on their head, no; a 16-year-old with a toga, a wreath of leaves on their head, a violin and a cardboard "fire" at their feet? Sure.

I could have done that - we still had a huge amount of candy left when I left the office at 5PM. Normally, there's a lot more, but I think that it just wasn't, you know. *Dark* enough.

And now I'm home, and that's it for Halloween for me. :)