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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
SGA Help.

My dvr cut off the last few minutes of "Tabula Rasa". What happened? Last I saw was John being told he'd woken up after a day.


He's told that a few people died, and asks where's Rodney. Cut to Rodney with his head down on the side of Katie's bed, holding her hand. Her face is turned away. Dr. Keller tells him she's still fighting it. Katie squeezes his hand and wakes up, and recognizes him.

The John scene is here: http://xenachan.livejournal.com/65225.html#cutid1

I'm still trying to find the last Rodney/Katie scene on YouTube, but I enjoyed it :) They're so cute together and also...Rodney is the best boyfriend ever (even if he and Katie have no clue what they're doing as they trip like adolescents down the road towards "maybe I like you")

Kimberlyfdr? Heh, small internet. Formerly Besterette in Sentinel fandom. Long time no see.

Heeeeeeey! How you doing? I haven't been around Sentinel for like....8 years (gosh, that's been a long time) It's weird, I keep running into old Sentinel people all over SGA, ha. Fandom, it's a small small place :D

The fandoms change but fans stay the same, yeah. I've been out of TS for a while myself.

Funny...our DVR cut off the very beginning. We got in when Rodney learns that there is a knife taped under his chair.

I had that problem, too, so I had to record the second showing (I think they started the first broadcast about a minute earlier than planned) The link I commented with above should be the entire first scene I think.

Second showing is, unfortunately, *also* on Friday night...

Hm, my Dish DVR can be told to start and end recording a few minutes early/late, either per recording (or "season pass") or globally. Does Tivo have that option? (Last time I had a Tivo was back in the series 1 days.)

Yeah, it does. I always pad the ending of SGA by 5 mins because I never know if it'll actually start on time. I never thought to pad the beginning until last night. The Sci-Fi airings are usually not as much trouble as the syndicated runs. They start and stop totally off the times they have in the schedule. Ahh, television, it's a gamble :P


I can't help with the show, but I'm curious about the failure mode. I thought DVRs had data feeds for the schedule information and "knew" when to start/stop (so if something pushes a show late you don't lose). Is that just TiVo?

(Don't have a DVR yet; probably want one someday.)

They get updates from the main database, so it depends on when the machine last checked for an update. I have mine on a daily phone update, so if something changes between then and 24 hours from then, it's gonna be a problem. Other people have theirs connected to the wireless which does updates more often, so if the schedule changes they will get the update sooner and the machine can accommodate.

Your icon made me insta-filk!

(Music: "American Band" by Grand Funk Railroad)

He's a Canadian man (2x)
He's an annoying guy
Who'll save your life by-and-by
He's a Canadian man

May have to see what I can do about finishing that one; I haven't yet written a STARGATE filk up to now...

Ah, thanks. I didn't realize the refresh rate was settable. (If it's phone-based you'd have to; I'd been assuming a cable interface.)

Part of the problem for those recording the second showing is that Skiffy Channel lets their in-house POS version of Flash Gordon run long, which means everything after it starts and ends late. I didn't check my recorded eps for a couple weeks and found they were all missing the endings. Lesson learned.