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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
No duh

In an article on msn about portion size (conclusion being that people will eat what you give them - amazing!) they discovered this:

In fact, the more they ate, the more satisfied they felt. No sign of nausea in this group. Researchers say people need to be educated on what an adequate portion size really is.

Um. Yeah.


Ah, but this study was for Americans, who are trained to clean their plates. Personally, I have been known to leave things over, even when I serve myself. I'm a grazer. I just graze *alot*.

Yeah; there's a weird cultural emphasis on "clean your plate" here. (And yes, Franziska, that's the phrase we use.) My parents didn't use it, but it's in enough literature and on television that it took quite a while to train myself out of doing it at restaurants (at home, I just give myself less food, and then I'm not upset by leaving some on the plate - I eat it all, but it's not a huge amount).

I think once that was the common attitude here too, but it hasn't been for a while. Like parents used to tell their little kids it would rain if they didn't clean their plate... I mean, nowadays even my dad leaves food on the plate in restaurants if he's satisfied, and he used to give lectures about throwing away food and how we shouldn't grumble about three-day left-over soup when I was little (my parents didn't have a freezer then, so freezing leftovers wasn't an option). In restaurants it is still a bit more polite to eat everything (hence the apology thing if you don't), but it's not a big deal.