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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
No duh

In an article on msn about portion size (conclusion being that people will eat what you give them - amazing!) they discovered this:

In fact, the more they ate, the more satisfied they felt. No sign of nausea in this group. Researchers say people need to be educated on what an adequate portion size really is.

Um. Yeah.


There was a well-known study taught in introductory psych courses when I was an undergrad (early 80's). It compared 'normal'-weight and overweight people. Subjects were brought into a room at their normal mealtime, hungry, and served a plate of sandwiches each (the study varied how large the plateful was). They were told that additional sandwiches were available in an adjoining room, and to help themselves to as much as they wanted, provided that they had to get and eat the sandwiches one at a time--no loading up their plate before sitting down to dig in.

What the study found was that the heavy people would invariably finish whatever was set before them at the outset, whether a small amount or large amount. They tended not to get up for more food. The normal weight people would sometimes leave food, and sometimes clean their plates and go get another sandwich.

The conclusion was that the normal weight subjects used internal cues to determine satiation and the heavy ones used external triggers (plate is clean, I'll stop eating). Sounds simplistic given the state of what we know today, but that's how I remember it.