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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Chuck versus Stanford

Am I the only one who was *far* more engaged with the Buy More plot than with the Stanford one? I mean, I was mildly curious about Chuck's recruitment, but I *really* wanted to know who won the battle of the remote. The employees are just more fun and interesting than the spies.


I am so, so much more into Chuck's everyday life than I am in his spy adventures.

It makes sense, you know. I mean, the spy part is just normal, you know, spy stuff. With generically pretty people and guns and such. (Okay, there's Jayne, and Chuck is purely adorable, but still. It's spy stuff.)

The Buy More? They're not so pretty. And they do silly things, but silly things I can see doing. Because they're bored and smart, and that's what such people do.

On the other hand, I missed the first episode,which means I just found out that both Ellie *and* Captain Awesome are *doctors*. Which feels so random, actually.

I only started watching a few weeks ago, and I realized that what I'm most into about the show are the BuyMore "soap opera" (office politics so vicious because the stakes are so small) and Adam Baldwin's snark.

I didn't think I was alone in this.

I don't get the TWoP recapper at all - what's wrong with Morgan? For that matter, what's wrong with hobbits?

I love the Buy More plots. My daughter works retail and she comes home talking about some of the stuff they do in car audio to kill the time. I think Morgan is also madly in love with Chuck and Chuck is clueless.