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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
My gast is flabbered!

I'm looking at the Williams Sonoma catalog.

They're offering *designer* marshamllows. Handmade, handcut (which means they're *square*). They're probably delicious. They're also $19.50 for a box of *sixteen*.


Well, the only plus side to them is that they are probably not kosher :) Temptation removal there?

I saw those, pondered it for a min, and tossed the catalog. There are just some things I can't possibly justify buying.

are they made with really marshmallow root?

There's no mention of marshmallow root in the catalog. You'd think, though, wouldn't you?

How can they count as "designed" when they're just square? Why not just call them "hand-made"?

At over a buck per, they better be huge, individually packaged on a bed of fine Belgian chocolates, and delivered in a gold-plated box!


Maybe they're used to stuff Lanning's duck.