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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Monday and Tuesday Night Television, with thoughts on Smurfs

I really, really need a tv icon.

Monday Night

I haven't had a chance to watch Journeyman yet.


Chuck is still (or is it increasingly?)adorable. I have to assume that that's what the show is going for. And while I still believe it would be more fun to have Sarah/Casey (and how cute was his reaction to "partner"?), I am starting to be believe that Sarah is, indeed, falling for Chuck. Not that I blame her. And I very much like that she lied to him. Also - Captain Awesome is, well, awesome. It's very clear to me that he and Ellie are very much in love, and that he's a genuinely nice person who cares about Chuck.

And Buy More continues to charm. But I hope they get Harry back.

The spy stuff? Well, it's there. :)


Yeah. That's it. Too bad they only have three more episodes. I support the WGA, but there has to be casualties. I did NOT like what happened to DL. I was hoping that there was an empty grave under that headstone. I did like the Adam/Peter interaction (the Elle one, not so much. Wow, another blond woman with major problems. I never saw Veronica Mars, so Kristen Bell means nothing to me.) But some questions were answered. And, of course, Peter-the-nurse's blood will now heal (did they forget Peter is a nurse, I wonder?). Between him, Claire and Adam...hmmm. If they get to the plague vector (probably Niki) in time...

Tuesday Night


I love the cast. I do have one issue with the episode. The son was born in 1988. He's nineteen. That strikes me as rather old to be a senior in high school. It's possible that he had health or academic problems that set him back a year, but it bugs me a lot.

And then there is the whole Smurf thing. First of all - I can't see how Brennan would like Smurfette. Yes, I know. She likes "pretty" things, but Smurfette is the most insulting one of the Smurfs. All she is is female. All the other Smurfs (all male until the kids were added way late) were named after jobs or personality attributes or social position (like Papa.) Worse than that - if she had to be just "female", she could have been Smurfa, but no. She's Smurfette, which is a diminutive. She's Humanette, good for looking pretty and being helpless. Which is SO not Bones.

But second to Smurfette in the anger producing department? Brainy. Why? Because whenever Brainy was the focus of the plot, he was portrayed as a buffoon - so consumed with his intelligence that he was stupid. Implied - smart people are really dumb, and intelligence is over-rated. Just as Booth used to treat the "Squints." (Yes, I believe that this has changed. He still doesn't understand them, but he at least respects them.) It's anti-intellectualism at its worst. I hated it. And while I don't believe Booth analyzed it to this degree, that's the message *I* got when he gave Brennan Brainy.


Okay, this one was about looks. And how looks can be a handicap - not just the boy's deformity hiding who he was, but Michael Michelle's beauty blinding House to the fact that she is not bright enough to be one of his fellows. And, yes. "13" and "CTB" are beautiful, and so is Cameron (and, for that matter, and acknowledged in the episode, so is Chase.) And so is Cuddy. House is able to deal with women being intelligent and beautiful. He expects women to be intelligent, in fact. House has no patience for people who are less than bright no matter what.

He also doesn't like that blindness in himself. He did the right thing in the end.

And I love how the documentary was edited to make him warm and fuzzy.


Another over-the-top episode, but that's what you expect. Naming the character Picard was weird, of course. And, really - if the man is schizophrenic, you *don't* want him in a prison. And he *is* insane.

But what really got me? In one scene, Olivia is wearing the most inappropriate outfit ever. I'm used to women on television wearing low-cut tops even when it's, well, stupid, (witness Cuddy, who just doesn't dress like a hospital administrator. And that has to hurt her.) but this was...a sheer blouse over a camisole. Do people actually wear them to the office? It doesn't fit the character and it doesn't fit the situation and it just looked wrong. And I think the director knew that because the shots were framed to downplay the top. What were they thinking?


Yeah, the female smurf is kind of depressing, especially her origin story in the original comics. I mean, she was created by Gargamel from clay and made alive, and originally was "ugly" (more or less that just meant that she had black hair rather than blond) and iirc didn't have such a nice and bland personality but was more brsh, and then at the end of the story she is made "beautiful" by the papa smurf.

That makes it even worse.

Yeah, it does. In general I liked the smurf comics, but even as a kid I found the smurfette story offensive. I mean, it's not just that the first female was made by the evil sorcerer to create discord (which iirc didn't work because she was "ugly") and then fixed, which caused the expected strife, but then there was a trial where she was blamed and cast out of the village for a while or something (it has been some time since I read the comic), and to top even that in the end the smurfs got revenge by doing the reverse to Gargamel also creating an ugly woman for him to hassle him. Even the later little female smurf was created in the same way, only some young smurfs sneaked into Gargamels place and found the "recipe" to make smurfettes, so they made one iirc.

Y'know what's sad? That my "oops, I just failed my suspecsion-of-disbelief saving-throw" moment was when they saidthe 5.25" diskette was for an Amiga. All the Amigas I ever saw or touched had 3.5" floppies. (I'm willing to be corrected on this if it turns out that there was earlier Amiga hardware I didn't encounter, but the Amiga 1000 machines friends had all used 3.5", not 5.25".)

Brennan's perception of the Brainy-Smurf gift as an insult would have made a lot more sense if she had given your observations about Brainy Smurf as the reason. The scene at the end where Booth gives her a Smurf doll would have needed to be rewritten, of course.