Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

"Sit and Stitch"

Conditions last night were very different than last week - I had no errands beyond the comic book shop, dinner was leftover soup and, when I went to the coffeehouse, I just wanted to, well, have a cup of coffee and knit.

And there was a young woman sitting there with knitting in hand, visible through the window. So, I went in.

I stayed for two hours, all told, and got to pretty much the last repeat of the second of my pair of socks (finished now. ataniell93, email me your snail address, please.) We talked - she *just* moved to NY from San Diego last week, she'd been a crocheter for years, but was taking up knitting now, she's a teacher and just needs to get her paperwork done to teach in NYC. She thinks Park Slope is beautiful. And she was determined to finish her knit long-ways cashmere scarf before she left that night. She was going to wear it home.

Her technique was awkward - at her request, I tried to show her how to purl properly - fortunately, she knits continental (yarn around the left hand), which makes sense for a crocheter, so I could show her. However, purling, apparently, harder continental style. I was thinking of showing her how to do it combined instead, but decided against it. She did get to the bind-off row while I was there, and so I could give her the bare hint she needed to remember how to bind-off (knit two, pull the first stitch over the second, knit one, pull the first stitch over and repeat to end.) And I could lend/give her a tapestry needle to do the final weaving-in. She couldn't find hers and, as she was using worsted weight and I have a superfluity of large tapestry needles anyway, it was an easy solution. What with my current sock obsession, I'm not knitting that thick anyway.

I'd have liked more people, maybe, but it was very nice.

(Did a post on the Knitblog today, too.)
Tags: knitting

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