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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Yeah, I'm spamming today (DC comics)

Okay. You're a group of supervillains exiled for life on a distant planet. Among the very large group of villains is the Joker, who took the transition hard enough to be unconscious for awhile.

WHY DIDN'T THEY KILL HIM? Who would *want* the Joker around for any length of time? He doesn't work and play well with others, and it's not like this crowd is antimurder or anything, or is going to be troubled by killing a defenseless man. He's a total liability. Yeah, yeah, there was some hero worship, but...not everyone is stupid. If Deathstroke or Luthor had been in the group, you'd have one dead killer clown.

In fact, I'd think the folks who stranded them were kinda hoping for that.


This is one of those things that can only be shrugged off as a convention of the genre, like a domino mask or a pair of eyeglasses being sufficient to disguise one's identity. Logically, the Joker would have long ago provoked somebody with the ability to just shoot him and no compunctions against doing so.

I suppose.

Are you and Crystal going to be at Darkover this year?

That's the plan.

Excellent. We will see you there, iy"h.

Remember: whenever the Joker is around to bother Batman, Batman can't come after you for a simple bank robbery.

Except right now they're trapped on this planet so far off that they don't recognize the stars. No Batman, and no banks.

(Also, I think Joker's the only Gotham villain there. This group is the wedding crashers.)