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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
And so it begins

I left work early today so I could get my comics and then get a car, because the day after Thanksgiving, we are racing the sun down to Baltimore, and that requires a car.

It's a Camry - whenever possible, I rent a Camry, or at least avoid American makes. I waited for this one, in fact. And then I went shopping in a big supermarket. I'm used to the little kosher places around here, or the medium sized C-Town in Park Slope. This was a big suburban sized store (and I still couldn't find radishes. Or bunch cilantro.) But I now have most of my produce for tomorrow, plus a jug of apple cider, and the fruits and spices and Splenda necessary for mulling. I'll dip it into a teapot for service.

And now...I shall eat something and put away my produce and make squash croutons.


But what comics did you get?

A whole bunch, really.

Umbrella Academy, Action, Detective, Flash, Birds of Prey, Brave and the Bold, Search for Ray Palmer, Countdown, Countdown to Mystery. Checkmate. Shadowpact.

Some good choices there...

Squash croutons? As in small square crispy things you put on top of salad or float in soup?

How do you make squash into croutons?

(I'm always on the lookout for more ways to make squash edible.)

I bought too large a butternut squash for my soup recipe, so I took the neck, cut it in centimeter cubes, sprayed them with cooking spray, dusted them with curry powder and baked them.

They're not quite crispy, but I'm putting them on my soup (with a leaf of cilantro) today.