Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Cooking 1.5

Cause - not so much more has been cooked. I have the cider "mulling" in the crockpot. I just turned the turkey on its back. I have constructed a centerpiece from the stunning glass bowl my inlaws gave me for our fifteenth anniversary. She normally arranges fruits and nuts, including a pineapple, on a long, thin silver tray. I arranged fruits and nuts - NO pineapple - in a medium, round bowl. It still looks nice. The arugula is being desanded. I made a salad dressing.

I haven't started reheating the soup, though, and unti l take the turkey out of the oven, I can't put the dressing in, as there isn't enough room.

I'm going to ask my father-in-law to carve.
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