Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Final Report

It was *fine*. leela_cat, everyone LOVED your soup - even the five-year-old. In fact, she ate everything. Zoë, you see, loves turkey and as her Mitch is a vegetarian, she doesn't get it often. (Well, he does eat fish. He got tilapia tonight.)

The meat-free stuffing worked beautifully - I can recommend Imagine Vegetable broth. The turkey, once it was done, was delicious and moist, and I still have half it it to go.

And my sister-in-law is pregnant. She had to find the right blood pressure med - she has high blood pressure - but she has. She's about nine weeks along, she's feeling fine - much better than her first pregnancy - and. YAY! They're in their thirties, they've been married over a year and there's already a Zoë, and Jocelyn has her RN and can put school off for awhile, so it's perfect. And we get another niece or nephew to spoil. As is our job.

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