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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Happy birthday, hackthis!

knitting help!

you were doing the two needles on one thing.... right?
ok, i cant make it work.
do i need a VERY long needle?

Re: knitting help!

"two socks on one needle thing"
the sentence came out weird.....

Re: knitting help!

I was doing magic loop. You need a very long needle - 40" unless the cable is *very* flexible, like Knitpicks. I find that their 32" needles work just fine for magic loop.

The basic idea is to cast on however many stitches you need, put *all* the stitches on the cable, divide them in half (I've taken to placing a stitch marker on the halfway point while casting-on) and pull out a loop of cable between the two halves. Move the working stitches to a tip and pull out another loop between the other tip and the resting stitches. Then, join the knitting and just knit. When you finish that half, move the resting stitches to the other tip and knit.

You'll find yourself dividing your socks into halves (instep/sole) instead of quarters, which makes stitch patterns a lot easier, plus there's no laddering. If you move all the stitches onto the cable, you can try things on. You *will* be putting a bit more stress on the joins and there's a lot of moving stitches back and forth, which I'm okay with but other people find fiddly.

I've tried using two circulars, but I find I don't like it as well. You'll find instructions for two circs on that same page, though because there are a lot of people who prefer it.

There are also new cast-ons for toe-up socks designed just for either two-circs or Magic Loop, taking advantage of having the cable available. They're doable on dpns, but it's a bit more effort. You'll find them here and here. Magic cast-on (the first link) deserves the name.

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