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Snippet IV

"You only have a twin bed, Bruce?" Kyle looked around the bedroom. It wasn't quite the leather and wood elegance he'd been expecting after seeing Bruce's study downstairs. It was neat and filled with books, but there was something about it - about the twin bed and faded wallpaper and carpet, and the lack of pictures. Elsewhere, the manor was filled with works of art - enough that Kyle would happily spend days just looking and copying. There wasn't even a mirror on the wall here.

Bruce shrugged. "It's where I sleep. When I sleep."

Oh, my God. No one else, no one not family, has seen this. Kyle didn't know whether to be frightened or flattered.

He'd felt the same way when, after two weeks of dating, Bruce invited him to his home. Those two weeks had been amazing, whether they'd met in Gotham in suits and ties or in New York in sweaters and jeans. They'd had elegant lunches, explored museums, took long walks and just talked. Bruce filled his days, and gave him dreams at night. Sometimes, he almost forgot who this man was - both the billionaire and the Bat - and just saw the man who barely let him kiss him good night. And who never made the first move.

And then tonight happened. Dinner at Wayne Manor, with Bruce, with his pretty blonde bodyguard staring at him with confusion and jealousy, and with his butler smiling in approval as he served them dinner. Someone else was supposed to be there, a woman named Leslie, but she'd begged off. Some sort of medical emergency, Kyle gathered. He had no idea what he'd eaten, except it tasted good. Bruce, as usual, ate as if he were fueling a gas tank, but he'd been relieved at the butler's smile. And then, after dinner and coffee, Bruce stammered and asked him to come to his room. And the butler smiled and the bodyguard scowled, and Kyle took Bruce's hand and let him lead him away.

"Isn't it a little...small?" Kyle was almost as tall as Bruce, and he hated how his feet hung off a twin sized bed. Bruce shrugged again, as if that wasn't important. He still held tight to Kyle's hand. "Why...?"

Bruce stepped forward and drew him closer, and tilted his head. Kyle smiled for a moment, and wrapped his arms around him as far as they could go, and kissed him - not the little pecks he'd been permitted these past two weeks, but a real kiss. Kyle started out as gently as he could, just using his lips, letting Bruce take his time, letting him relax to the contact. It took less time than Kyle thought for Bruce to respond, awkwardly and sweetly, but fully. Bruce's hands began to move on his body, bringing chills and shivers and Kyle had to pull them even closer together, until he could feel Bruce hard against him.

He broke the kiss then, despite Bruce's soft moan, and began to undress him. He pulled off the sweater, surprised that there was no spandex beneath it - just pale skin and hard muscles. Bruce moaned again when Kyle began to stroke those muscles, began to lick his nipples. His hands touched Kyle's hair, pulling it. Kyle didn't mind. He continued stroking and licking until he came to Bruce's belt buckle.

"Not yet." Bruce's voice was hoarse, almost rasping. Almost Batman's voice. He stepped back. Kyle stood.

"Not yet? Do you just want to neck? Because I can do that." He'd be frustrated as hell, but he didn't care. Bruce was worth it, and he knew he had to be careful with him. He was fragile in a way Kyle had never imagined Batman to be.

Bruce shook his head. "I just...please. Take off your clothes. I want...I want to see you." Kyle never could get used to that stammer. Bruce only stammered around him. He took off his own clothes, piece by piece, not trying to drag it out but not hurrying. He felt Bruce's dark eyes on him. Finally, he stood in front of Bruce, clad only in his power ring. He wondered if he'd be asked to take that off, too. He'd have done it.

Bruce had removed his own clothing, but even nude he managed to shroud himself in shadows. He looked at Kyle, his eyes, the only things Kyle could see clearly, wide with wonder. "You have no scars. You're perfect."

"The ring. It heals me. Physically." His voice felt harsh next to Bruce's whisper.

"Can I? Touch you?"

Kyle nodded. You can do anything you want, Bruce.

His hands were large and powerful looking, and Kyle knew from past battles how strong they were. They felt like wings brushing his skin. Bat wings? The thought made him smile and shiver. Bruce's fingers brushed his chest, riffled through his chest hair, danced across his nipples and then lower and lower, until they touched his penis, which was achingly hard, and then lower, tickling his scrotum. Kyle could barely stop himself from jumping. Instead, he spread his legs. Bruce took the hint, and probed between for a moment before reaching behind. He moved closer, leaving his shadows.

Kyle gasped. "Bruce? You''re not..."

Bruce looked at him. "I rarely am. It's called sublimation. But, if anyone could bring me to life, it's you. You are the most beautiful man I've ever seen. Even just touching you is overwhelming." At his words, his flaccid organ twitched and filled. "You see?" Then, without warning, Bruce smiled and slid down Kyle's body until he was on his knees, and then took Kyle in his mouth. Kyle gasped.

" don't...You don't have to do this..."

Bruce continued to suck on him, inexpertly and poorly, but enthusiastically. He resisted all of Kyle's efforts to push him away - although Kyle could feel himself being less and less noble as Bruce's technique improved. And then he stopped.


"This is only half the fantasy." He panted for breath. "I want take me. Dreamed about someone like you taking me."

"You've never done this. With anyone." Bruce, still on his knees, shook his head, his hair brushing Kyle's thighs. "Are you...are you sure?"

He looked up at him. "Yes." His eyes glowed.

How could he do this? Kyle looked down again. He saw bright eyes, full of hope, on top of a body honed like a weapon, scarred from battles won and lost. He also saw, in a rare flash of insight, a damaged soul looking for some sort of wholeness and logic, and he knew then that he held that soul in his hands and that he would give his life to keep it from further harm. He stroked Bruce's hair. "Are you ready for this?"


Kyle pulled him to his feet, and found himself in the middle of a passionate kiss, breaking it only to have Bruce lead him to that narrow bed. He stopped him. He couldn't make love to Bruce there.

"Floor?" Bruce seemed to read his mind. Kyle nodded and together they sank to the old carpet, snagging pillows as they did. Bruce's hand found Kyle's penis again. He wasn't much more practiced with his hands than he was with his mouth, making Kyle wonder still further. He touched Bruce, who nearly pulled away at the contact. And he wanted Kyle to have sex with him? Kyle would have stopped things right there, maybe should have, but Bruce looked at him and he couldn't. And t hen Bruce relaxed and responded to Kyle's touch. There was joy and wonder in Bruce's eyes at that.

Then he turned over onto his stomach, laying his head down on one of the pillows. He spread his legs impossibly wide. Kyle's breath caught at the sight. But there was something missing.

"Bruce...condoms? Lubricant? I wasn't expecting..."

Bruce was silent for a moment. "Do we need them?"

"If you don't have them...I can use my ring. I've done it before." Even as he said it, he knew Bruce would reject it. He slumped down beside Bruce and held him. "I know. No."

"I." Bruce closed his eyes. "No powers. No superheroes. Just us."

Kyle kissed his cheek. "Just us." He turned Bruce over, turned the big man over as if he were a child, and held him close on the faded carpet, and moved so their groins were aligned. Bruce was still hard beneath him. Kyle began to move. This he was practiced in, this was something he'd enjoyed with Connor. Bruce's eyes were shining as they moved closer and closer to orgasm, but he made no noise at all when he reached completion, unlike Kyle's own joyful shout.

They lay there for a long time, just holding each other in silence. And then Bruce got up, cleaned himself off and disappeared.

Kyle wrapped himself in the blanket and waited for the Batman to finish patrolling the night so Bruce could come back to him, knowing neither wanted him to help. He stared at the ring he dared not use.

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