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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
For all the fans of Discworld and his other works

Very bad news about (and from) Terry Pratchett.

He's hopeful and it's early, but damn.

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I know. It's just awful.

Oh, no. What a terrible thing to be happening to him.

Yes. He's just so brilliant.

It's awfully sad, isn't it? Strange thing...I've been waffling over finding out the Hogfather movie on dvd is apparently available as a Borders Exculsive here in the states. I've never seen it. I haven't been buying or renting dvds in an effort to save money (going through the library collection)but now I'm really tempted to go get it. (Terry plays a cameo role.)

It's playing on a local station here - I saw the last half hour of the first part last night. Which is odd for me, given that I avoid most Christmas and Christmas style movies this time of year.

However, the sheer pleasure of seeing Nobby Nobbs and Ponder Stubbins and an absolutely perfect Susan Sto-Helit (plus her Grandfather!) outweighed the rest of it. Even if I do find it hard to suspend my, um, disbelief about the need to believe in a seasonal giftgiver.

The Little Match Girl pastiche has to be my favorite part of the book, dunno if it's in the movie. Terry has an absolute gift at taking these archetypes and turning them inside out and showing us the nasty stuff underneath. (although it's also one of the reasons I'm glad Discworld isn't as mainstream popular as the Harry Potter books. Given what the Christian Conservatives did with that I'd hate to see their reaction to the pagan underpinnings of the 'santa claus' Hogfather.)

I know. But he's also good at showing the human side of things. I love Vimes' economic theory. It just *works*.

I'm not past the expletive stage. Awful news, and such a sane letter about it. This just ... sucks.

Yes. That's about it. But. See my icon. We're making progress in that all the time.

Anyone know his mother's name?

You can always say ben Chava. That's what we tend to in such situations.

I'll daven for him. Gosh, I want to say Baruch Dayan Emes but i just want to say "It's not fair."

He's still alive, thank God. And there *is* always hope.

I know, but I've seen Alzheimer's destroy so many people. It just brings back bad memories.

Oh no! That's so wrong. Of all the illnesses... *shakes head* Thanks for the link.