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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
It's done

My yuletide story is uploaded.


kol hakavod!

Thank you.

I just hope my recipient likes it.

It's a fairy who looks like me!

OK, I'm not quite that pretty and my hair is shorter. Still, cool icon.

thank you!
buggery made her years ago, and she's been my default icon ever since. And I think she's gorgeous, so if you look even a little bit like her, then WOW. ;-)


Yes. I'm glad it's before the big crunch.

On the other hand, I now need another distraction for the next 8 or so days.

Yay! That's a relief I'm sure.

Mine is back from the beta should I should have it up tomorrow night.

Oh, it is. Story all but wrote itself, but now it's gone and I need another one.


That's w00t. Zeroes, doncha know.