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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I am wealthy. I have about a gallon of turkey stock in my freezer.


Great minds think alike: I'm making turkey stock right now. (I buy backs at the organic turkey farmer's for $1 a pound, which make much richer and tastier stock than the stuff you can buy at five dollars a litre.)

The kitchen smells so good....

This is from Thanksgiving. I froze the carcass that night, because I was going away that weekend. This past Sunday was the first one without fannish or family commitments, so I took advantage of it and made stock. And turkey minestrone, which was dinner tonight. SO GOOD.

Well, hopefully you'll sell it at a profit before the market tanks. :-)

In the old days the kosher store used to sell turkey bones cheap and I would put a bunch in a huge pot with some vegetables and have Shabbos soup for weeks.

Not quite as good as from the Thanksiving carcass though, I'm sure.

Well, the carcass is, in effect, free. That helps. But you could do the same thing by roasting the bones first. Makes a tremendous difference.

Ego sum pauper.

Nihil habeo.

Cor meum dabo.

Me lo siento.

You can have part of my heart anyway; you're one of my Geek Mommies. :D

Thank ou. You (and leelacat) have some of mine, too.

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