Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

This was my Tuesday

Usually, on days off, we sleep late.

Today we got up early so that we could be on the Upper West Side by 9:30, so that we could attend a Yom Iyun (a day (or, in this case, morning) of learning) at Lincoln Square Synagogue. This is something they do every year that Dec. 25 falls on a weekday, since it is a day off for a ot of people. We don't go every year, but this time it was about shmitta, the Sabbatical year, which this year happens to be.

Yes, the Sabbatical year is still observed, although Yovel, the "Jubilee", isn't. We have lost when that was supposed to happen. Anyway, there are all these laws and all this history, and all this meaning to it, and it's just inherently interesting. Not just to us - we saw people from our own synagogue there. In fact, they had an overflow crowd.

Then we visited Jonathan's parents, who were both getting over illnesses. Jonathan helped them install their new microwave.
And then we tried to recreate the magic of one of our first dates, when we spent a Dec. 25th roaming an empty Midtown - all fancy windows and closed stores. Except - nope. It was almost crowded, and many stores and restaurants were open - not just the kosher ones. In fact, most of the kosher ones were closed 19 years ago.

Nineteen. Wow.

So we had a late lunch in JII pizza, and went home to have pot roast from the crockpot much later.

And my husband has discovered he likes the series Bones, which I don't think he knew existed.

All in all, a lovely day. I hope everyone else's was the same, whether it was Christmas or Tuesday.

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