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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Things and such

1. I got scolded today.

I was in my local supermarket, a smallish place that I go to several times a week - it's only really one long block from where I live. So I'm familiar. And I was trying to get a bottle of window cleaner from a high shelf. It was just out of reach, so I was trying to move it forward with another item.

And a man stocking the freezer in the same aisle did not like that. "If you want something, tell me. I right here. I get it for you. What you need?"

Yes, I was a bad girl for not asking for help. :)

2. Yay! My wonderful jonbaker has just purchased two tickets - balcony, front right - for Spamalot! *Bounces*


Spamalot is hilarious! You're going to love it. When do you go?

Jan 24th!

Yes, with Clay Aiken. Not that that matters for us, but it's still, well. There.

I'd heard he was in it. Let me know what you think. Who's playing the Lady of the Lake now?

Website says Marin Mazzie.