Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Things and such

1. I got scolded today.

I was in my local supermarket, a smallish place that I go to several times a week - it's only really one long block from where I live. So I'm familiar. And I was trying to get a bottle of window cleaner from a high shelf. It was just out of reach, so I was trying to move it forward with another item.

And a man stocking the freezer in the same aisle did not like that. "If you want something, tell me. I right here. I get it for you. What you need?"

Yes, I was a bad girl for not asking for help. :)

2. Yay! My wonderful jonbaker has just purchased two tickets - balcony, front right - for Spamalot! *Bounces*
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