Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

My New Year's Stuff

Last night, we went to dinner with friends at a little dairy Italian place called "Café Hadar." I happened to not be terribly hungry, so I had cream of mushroom soup and an appetizer of grilled vegetable kebabs, plus I shared an Israeli cheesecake slice with jonbaker. Israeli in this case means very light and airy, but still rich, tasting more of cream than cream cheese, with a crumb topping. It was delicious.

We were offered a ride home, but it turned out the driver had overestimated the size of his back seat - he made that same offer to three other people. No way could we fit four women in the back seat. So we let them go without us and took a bus home.

Because of how the buses and streets work around there - well. We live on Avenue N. The restaurant was on Avenue N. To get to the restaurant by bus means going to a street perpendicular to N (Coney Island Avenue, which is four lanes plus parking), taking the B68 bus three stops to Kings Highway, and taking another bus, either the B7 or the B82, across Kings, which is at an angle, until it gets to Nostrand Avenue, a short block from Avenue N. It's a lesson in geometry, it is. It takes about 20 minutes if you have good luck with buses.

We didn't. We waited twenty minutes for the Kings Highway bus and about that long for the Coney Island one that would take us home.

But we weren't bored at that point. Oh, no. See, as we left the 82 bus, at an intersection between two large and busy streets, even at 11:30, we noticed that cars were crossing Coney against the light, and honking at each other to do it. This is shocking. And then we noticed that the lights weren't changing. They were stuck. We ended up crossing Coney against the light ourselves because we had no choice.

And so we called 311, which is the information clearing house number for NYC. You need something done on an non-emergency basis, you call that number. You need information other than phone numbers, you call that number. It's a very great and useful thing that we have used in the past. And so it was here. We had to wait through a long message about closings and garbage pickup, but eventually we got to a helpful human, who then gave me to the department of transportation and I could report the stuck lights. By which time, the 68 had arrived, so I finished the phone call on the bus.

We got home at 11:40. We watched the New Year's shows, but, as usual, settled on New York 1 for the final countdown. They don't have annoying commentators. When the ball fell, we had a cup of wine, and eventually we got settled for sleep - about 1:45AM, but hey.

Today, we had my folks over for dinner. I made roast chicken, broccoli and sweet potato wedges (I dusted the wedges with ginger and touch of chipotlé spice mixture - not too much because my stepfather doesn't like spiciness.), follwed by tea and sugar-free cake.

I have no leftovers and the sweet potatoes were a hit.

I do hope everyone else also had a nice day.

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