Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


Last night, as I was fixing cups of herbal tea after dinner (and trying to find a box of "real" tea for my stepfather), I mentioned to my mother that I trying to arrange to be evaluated for Asperger's.

And she said that my younger brother had mentioned his belief that he was concerned about that for himself, too.

Note: my oldest brother is severely autistic. Note, too, that my next oldest brother is also socially awkward and admits to difficulty reading people.

Yeah. All four of us showing various signs or even self-diagnosing (always risky, which is why I'm looking for a professional evaluation) as being on the spectrum. My mother was wondering if we got it from *her*, but Mom is good with people. Dad, on the other hand...

jonbaker also shows some traits. If there is a genetic component (I repeat. All four widely spaced children of one family all possibly somewhere on the spectrum), that would have made childrearing interesting.
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