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Weekend, TV watching, DVR love - spoilers behind cuts

I have a bad cold. It hit Friday night, and I spent most of Shabbat (except for the mile walk to and from my afternoon group because I was teaching and there was no way of letting anyone know I couldn't be there) and Sunday in bed. And we were going to buy new beds on Sunday, too, since ours are as old as our marriage - and our 17th anniversary is coming up. Yeah, time and past time.

I'm at work now.

I don't feel terribly ill - it's just that my nose is a faucet. Charming, I know.

But having a DVR? Is love.

I could and did spend much of Saturday night watching shows I'd recorded during Shabbat. Because why not? And even if I haven't seen my sewing machine since I moved, or used it in fifteen years, the sewing shows have their fascinations. And I could watch Sandra Lee with Jonathan, who finds her hilarious. And then there was Friday Night Lights, which made me just *hurt* for poor Tim, who was actually happy for the first time - and I could see the result a mile off, too. .

And then there was SGA "Be All My Sins Remembered" which I need to watch again, but it was just good. The ending was a good surprise, especially since we don't know what it means, and I loved Rodney and Fran (MY NAME!), and I thought that Sam was perfect. Yes, you dress down the man who spoke out of turn to your Chief Science Officer, but you do it when Rodney is out of the room. I was worried about Sam when she joined the cast, but they're using her right.

And the plot was fun in and of itself, with all the strange bedfellows and the continuity, and the snark. No problems there.

And then we come to what people are saying is a controversy, but honestly, I've gone back to skip=800 and Friday afternoon, and no one on MY flist seems to have any problems with it. Oh, there's a couple of extreme reactions, but so far as I can see, everyone acted in character.

Teyla *knew* that the moment she told about her pregnancy, she'd be grounded. More than that - if she were team leader, she'd darn well ground any pregnant women herself. But she didn't want to be grounded, and, yes, Athosian women would be active and whatever during their pregnancy, but most of them weren't going through wormholes and being stunned. So, she hid it. Until she was stunned and then the truth had to come out. I don't think she was really surprised at John's reaction.

John? First, I really do think there's an instinct thing happening here - "protect the pregnant woman." And that came out - "I let a pregnant woman go into danger? NO!!!" And also, "You lied to me?" Trust is an issue with John, after all. So, of course, he was upset. He'd be upset (although not as much on the instinctive level) if a member of his team hid anything that could be a problem on a mission. Could he have been more diplomatic? No, not really, not at that point. Yes, he's going to make things up with her later, when they both calm down (probably with Ronon's help), but right now, that was the way it had to be.

I do like that he really didn't care who the father was. That's her business. And also, given how much he and kids seem to gravitate to each other, he will love being an uncle. Eventually.

And then we have Ronon. And he was wonderful. He didn't have to be Mr. Protective (although I suspect he also had that instinct come up) because that's John's job. He's not father. He's *friend*. He knows who the father is. He knew that Teyla wasn't feeling well, but she doesn't report to him and he understands secrets, so he's not bothered that she didn't say anything. Also she knew he'd tell John. She'd do the same.

But what I really loved was the moment they walked away, with Ronon joking about names. Why? Because in that moment, we saw a pair of friends - friends who happened to be of opposite sexes - being friends. (Although now I'm wondering about the "Good for a boy or a girl" statement. It's saying that in this friendship, gender is irrelevant.) I can so see Ronon being the Lamaze partner. And knitting baby clothes.
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