Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Arisia Schedule

Comics Clark "Superman" Kent and Bruce "Batman" Wayne Sat 10:00 AM 1hr

The dual identity of superheroes speaks less to comics' readership than it once did. Comic writers no longer write as much about Superheroes' secret identities. What are comics losing by dispensing with secret identities? Who would write for the Daily Planet if Clark Kent left his job to be a full-time superhero?


Fannish Lifestyle What's Cooking With Food Geekery? Sun 6:00 PM 1hr

From Alton Brown's "Good Eats" to new roleplaying games entirely based on cooking, this panel explores the fannish fascination with matters gastronomical. (Note: Moderating this one)


Comics Misogyny in Comics Mon 11:00 AM 1hr

A statue of a scantily-clad Supergirl. Another of Peter Parker's wife doing his laundry, thong showing and breasts hanging out, a vapid smile on her face. Formerly strong women tied up on a comic cover, costumes artfully torn, cowering before a batch of phallic, goo-dripping tentacles. What on earth has gotten into Marvel and DC? How can we fix it?


I was put on a fourth, but the subject matter was uncomfortable, so I asked to be removed. They did so. I'm pretty happy with the ones I have now, and with the other people on those panels.

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