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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

The short form : we had fun.

Somewhat longer:

We took Amtrak. This was very nice and we might well do it again. It's certainly more comfortable than the bus.

There's something very restful about waking up on Friday morning in the con hotel.

The con hotel is too small for the convention and the elevators are not robust enough, but there is no other choice, and the concom did the best they could with the resources at hand.

I did four panels, and that is a very good number - a reasonable amount of panelage plus time to do other things. One greater or fewer would have been fine as well, but this was a very good amount. I was somewhat intimidated on the monogamy panel because there were three social workers, a college professor and, um. Me. On the other hand, I was NOT intimidated at all on the misogyny in comics panel, which included several comics professionals, nor on the food geekery one, which included professional cooks. I would also have been happy to moderate more than one, but I'd have been more unhappy had I not gotten to moderate at least one. So, again. A good number.

It's normal for us to stay over Sunday night when we go to Arisia, but usually the con is over. We have dinner with friends, have fun at the dead dog and then wake up Monday with nothing more to do than check out and catch a bus or drive off. So this fourth day, while fun, did mean we had to fit congoing around checking out and the train schedule. We also had to have dealer friends cash a check for us because the lobby cash machine was broken, but that was lack of foresight on our part.

And, even though this convention took place between GaFilk (large yearly filk convention) and Boskone, which has a great filk program thanks to to madfilkentist, and that there was minimal filk programming, the evening filksings were wonderful. Filthy Pierre deserves a great deal of credit for that.


It was great to see you, however briefly. The socks are adorable *on* Eva, too; just posted a pic in my LJ. Feel free to snag it for knitblogging or whatever. :)

So adorable!

Sounds like fun!

It very much was. I need to be on panel at other cons.

It does sound like fun, especially with a train trip thrown in. Hope to get to this con some year.

It *is*. But I'm one of those people who went to their first convention and said, "I'm home."

Train is always a good idea, although I'm somewhat hampered by my extreme lack of packing skills. *wry grin* Wish I'd been around for more of the evening filksings, but since I was night consuite goddess, I was stuck betwixt midnight and 6-7am(ish) in there...Will hopefully not volunteer quite as much if I can find a way to get to Boskone. Pray for me to find crash space and transport, eh? ;-)