Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

No wig for you

That was a disaster. We tried to do the wig thing tonight. The sheitel *she* was wearing was awful - too long, stiff and her hairline was visible - and it's a visibly different color. I have a very low hairline. And when she started to hard sell, well, jonbaker over-reacted, but he was in the main right. I *know* the halachot of hair covering because I took a course in the matter, and then to have someone telling me that tichels are NOT tziniut because they slip back (yes, they do, and yes, mine do) while here own sheitel was as well...and we don't do hardsells well.

As it happens, I was marshalling my own arguments against it when Jonathan got upset, but the upshot is, no wig. Especially no *ugly* wig. In wigs as much as anything else, you get what you pay for. If I ever decide again to get one (twice I've thought about it, twice something happened to change my mind), I'll spend the money and get a good one - one that, even if it doesn't look natural, at least looks good. I was already starting to doubt this thing - when would I wear it? To the occasional Chasidic wedding, basically.

Instead, we'll get the beds we need, and a new, larger flatscreen monitor. Maybe someday a laptop and the wireless network we'll need. But hair? Not this year.
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