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1. Among the many things (largely books and some yarn) that we purchased at Arisia is a sterling silver turtle puzzle ring - my first new ring since my wedding day. I'm not much of a jewelry person and I don't think about rings, but this is adorable. I now have to put it back together. :) We also got a Charlene Taylor print of a cat teaching a kitten magic, and the original of the artwork for the conbadge - a dirigible. Very steampunk. But most importantly - we got the Floral Slug of Joy - a stuffed slug made of bright floral fleece with wings. It's adorable and cuddly. Someone else got the Flaming Slug of Death, which is also adorable and cuddly.

2. I just bought a new purse. I've been using this enormous LL Bean (or Land's End) bag for a few years now. At the time, I wanted a big bag, and it was attractive and had a strap long enough for me - I like to wear my purses such that the strap is on my right shoulder and the bag is on my left hip, or just below it. It's safer that way. And such long straps are hard to find at the moment. Since getting that purse, I've started wearing a belt pouch, which holds my pda, my cellphone, my notary money and various cards. And my purse, like all large bags, started out heavy and was getting heavier with spilled change and loose paper and stuff I wasn't using. I was finding excuses and ways not to carry it at all.

There's a store near where I work called Brooklyn Industries. It sells clothing and such, but also bags - messenger bags, purses, laptop bags. The things necessary for life in NYC. And they had a black ripcord nylon messenger back about 1/3 the size and 1/10th the weight of my big canvas bag, with an adjustable seatbelt material strap. It's more than big enough to hold wallet, checkbook, notebook, keys and a paperback and it weighs almost nothing in comparison.

3. We're seeing Spamalot tonight, after dinner at Le Marais (a kosher steakhouse in the theater district.) When he made the reservation, jonbaker told them the curtain time, and they gave him an appropriate time. It's 6PM, so I'm going to head right to the subway after work instead of stopping at the comic book shop.

4. Jonathan's cousin Nancy's son is celebrating his bar mitzvah this Shabbos. This is going to be interesting, since they live in Park Slope but go to the Conservative synagogue. We have a place to stay and a place to eat, and we'll manage the rest. We know for a fact that the kiddush will be kosher.
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