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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

One of the big pluses of the Arisia hotel was that it had BBC America (no Comedy Central, four different ESPNs and that.) We got to see Torchwood, as well as some charming BBC reality series.

Stupid Cablevision. BBC News, yes. BBC America? Not so much.

I now own the DVDs for the first series. Yay!


*tries to think of any BBC reality series that would qualify as "charming"*

I am comparing them to US reality shows. Maybe it's the accents, but we liked "Treasures from the Attic" and "How Clean is Your House."

There's a US version of the latter, but it lacks...well, it lacks a woman with very done hair calling people "dear" and "lovey" while cleaning with embellished rubber gloves.

It also gave us a short-lived desire to declutter.

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Torchwood *totally* rocks. I LOVE me my BBCA, which my cable company carries. I watched MI-5 for a while. I dunno if the new season is on yet or not. I seriously enjoy the Graham Norton show, though I don't watch it religiously.

But then I seriously like my cable company, 'cause you know what? It didn't carry WB when we got here (is that the right name? The channel with Smallville & Supernatural. It changed names at least once and now I can never remember it). Which, loving Supernatural like we do, we were upset about. We emailed 'em and asked for it. They never responded, but less than a month later, it showed up on our channel listing.

off topic

I saw this afghan and thought you'd like knowing someone had made this.

I need to see Torchwood...I'm never out by the TV set any more these days, the couch just is no longer even vaguely comfortable to get up off of by myself. Besides, it has my new guitar and my giant penguin on it now. ;-D If only you folks lived just a tad bit closer!! ;-D I'm sure I'll get to it, or nag some family member into buying it for my birthday. *evil grin*